NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESRT @Robo68Roberts: @dreamsof2005 @NYCKOPITES and i can't get to Sophia as am stuck in work in Liverpool ;( http://t.co/ja5Yd1xi4q56 mins ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESRT @dreamsof2005: But I have made NYC "vacation" plans for the Barnesy event. 😉 @NYCKOPITES56 mins ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESLET IT SNOW! @TheIApub has everything you need 2 keep you warm. Challange @rchowfatt 2 a game of beer pong after the match. #DrinkTillWeWin1 hour ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESRT @dreamsof2005: Sadly, the weather & traffic keeping me away from the @NYCKOPITES & the BootRoomNYC😭 But hoping for a good result v Ludo!…1 hour ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESBut Scousers rule the WORLD like we've always done before, Ooooh Campione, The one and only, We're Liverpool! http://t.co/XAS8FON2qn1 hour ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESOoooh Campione, The one and only, We're Liverpool, They say our days are numbered we're not famous anymore... http://t.co/3Lwt2oBarA1 hour ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESOoooh Campione, The one and only, We're Liverpool!! Ludo vs #LFC @TheIApub #BootRoomNYC #DontStopBelieving #YNWA http://t.co/fDjc2Nhquc1 hour ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESHope is today. LFC is devotion. Love is forever. Send the lads in RED positive vibes today. They need us now more than ever. #YNWA #LFC3 hours ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESSupport the players & Manager. How are you weathering the LFC storm? Don't let the agony of your differences trump your love for the club.3 hours ago
NYC KOPITES @NYCKOPITESYes, we speak YNWA in different accents. Yes, results matter. Opinions & criticism are at its highest-respect & appreciate our differences.3 hours ago


Henderson: Let's turn this around for fans

Liverpool FC - 7 hours ago
Liverpool's only victory in the Champions League this season came against tonight's opponents on September 16 at Anfield, when Steven Gerrard struck a late winner from the penalty spot to...

Liverpool FC Transfer Gossip: Berahino to weigh up contract as Reds wait in ...

Liverpool Echo - 2 hours ago
Liverpool FC are reportedly monitoring Saido Berahino as West Brom ready fresh contract talks in January. Berahino admits he has Champions League ambitions and Liverpool are desperate to strengthen...

Rodgers: We must put Palace loss behind us

Liverpool FC - 21 hours ago
We'll always experience disappointments but as a leader, no matter how you feel, you're one of the pillars of the group and of the football club. "No matter how you feel or how...

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